Welcome to Keeks. We’re so glad to meet you! Keeks is still in the ‘newborn’ stage of our journey, having launched at the start of 2017 by founder Keren Choong. Our store came to life after Keren’s friends started families of their own, and she began shopping for the new loves of her life - her best friends’ kids. The novelty of teeny tiny socks quickly wore off and Keren got tired of seeing similar children’s outfits in varying shades of flamingo pink and cornflower blue.

And so Keeks was born.

"Here at Keeks we think differently"

Keeks is a children’s fashion label that is challenging the existing retail industry to think differently. Keeks is for kids. For super trendy kids. But Keeks is also for you - the mums, grandmothers, aunties and best friends who are hunting for divine clothes for the smallest and newest members of their tribe.

Here at Keeks we think differently. We combine the highest customer service with the most stylish designs to deliver an online shopping experience like no other. Whether you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift or a high quality outfit that will withstand your toddler’s ‘adventurous spirit’, we’ve got you covered.

We’re working hard on our first range of kid’s clothes, and we are bursting at the seams to show it to you. Think bold patterns, bright colours, and outfits that are made to be lived in. We’re pushing the boundaries and we promise you will love it. While we are perfecting our first range, keep an eye on our blog for updates on everything Keeks. We’ll not only be sharing sneak peaks of what is to come, but we’ll be talking all things motherhood, parenting and life in general. So watch this space… but in the meantime, click ‘favourite’ on our blog page!

Xx The Keeks Team