Who invented the babymoon? Because we want to shout them a glass (and by glass we mean bottle) of wine. Right next to gender reveal parties and prenatal yoga, the babymoon is the latest trend that has taken the pregnancy world by storm. Suddenly, babymooning is a thing. And we couldn’t be happier.

While the word ‘babymoon’ may be one of the latest buzz words, the health benefits for you and the bub are serious. Doctors have been preaching about the importance of relaxation for years. When you become a parent your life stops revolving around you. You will spend the next few years going a million miles an hour… for someone else. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. But until that moment comes, where the world as you know it will shift, why not take a moment?

"Order that extra side, upgrade to the room with the view, book a full body massage"

Babymoons are for you and your baby-daddy to celebrate who you are together. They’re for treating yourself and each other. Order that extra side, upgrade to the room with the view, book a full body massage. While showering by yourself is still an everyday occurrence (first time mums come and talk to us in a few months if you don’t know what we’re on about!) take a few days to appreciate life as you know it.

Have we convinced you that the babymoon is the best thing since the disposable nappies were invented? We knew we would. Here are our top 3 Aussie babymoon destinations. And just quietly, we’re thinking of having another baby just so we can fully road test this trend!

1. Margaret River, WA

Hire a car (sans baby seat) and get lost on the stunning scenery of Australia’s West Coast*. If you’re in town on a Sunday, make sure you check out the growers markets for fresh, organic produce. In Margaret River people move a little more slowly, the sun seems to stay up just that bit longer, and life is calmer. *Disclaimer – you will want to move here. And we take zero responsibility.

2. The Mornington Peninsular, Victoria

This sleepy summer town on the Victorian coast is a pregnant woman’s happy place. Cafes serving sweet homemade treats, one of the best burger places we’ve ever eaten at, and a pub with an open fireplace. Is anyone else feeling hungry?

3. Byron Bay, NSW

We couldn’t not put Byron Bay on our list. Think white sand, lunch at Rae’s (you can thank us later), and maternity wear shopping at the Byron boutiques. Our tip? Byron Bay is filled with beautiful stores packed with perfect, unique nursery items. Did someone say nesting?