The reality of being a mum is pretty far from the picture perfect Instagram world we know and love. The reality is a world where an innocent sharpie can become a weapon of mass destruction in the 2.5 seconds it takes to text your hubby. It’s when ‘dressing up’ means not wearing tights that day. Being a mum means it is near impossible to make it through a yoga sequence without a distraction. But, let’s be honest - we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are Keeks we have a few mums in our team. Combined, we have learnt about 1,049,010 individual lessons about what it means to be a mum (lesson 1: white jeans and a baby just don’t work). But the most important, most valuable and most memorable lesson was we have all learnt is that there is just no such thing as a super mum.

"And so, we are making a big call.

We are calling for a ban on

the word 'Super-Mum'"

And so, we are making a big call. We are calling for a ban on the word ‘super-mum’. And while we are banning ridiculous phrases can we also please ban ‘having it all’ and ‘yogalates’. Everyone is being their own version of ‘mum’. Whether you are working, a stay at home mum, part time, freelancing, fly in fly out… as far as your child is concerned you are their whole world. If you love your kids, show up for your kids, and are there to kiss it better (even if sometimes it’s via Facetime), then in our book you are a super-mum. And we promise that this is the last time we will use that word.

Keeks Team X